The American Book of the Dead: 2004

Monday, July 5


I should start earlier than the present tense. I'll start with 2004, when I started writing about the End of the World. I was doing it as a kind of exercise--to purge my underlying but pervasive fear that we were heading towards the end.

We had a born-again Christian President, a Pentecostal Attorney General. These men believed in the Apocalypse and the Second Coming. They wanted it. Movies like "The Day After Tomorrow" were playing in the theatres. The Pentagon had released a report saying that a climate disaster was inevitable. People wanted Americans dead. The Mayans had predicted everything would dissolve by 2012. It was pretty obvious that something was around the corner.

In a way this blog will chronicle the novel that I wrote as a young man of 32. The novel that I eventually wrote would prove somewhat prophetic. Some people took it too seriously. What I hit on was a case of probabilities. Like I said, it was obvious that we were headed towards some kind of war. The whole UFO thing was just wishful thinking on my part. Little did I know that I was communicating with beings other than human. That might be every writer’s dream. I was on the intergalactic bestseller list. Sounds wishful, doesn’t it? Anyway, it happened.

Why not just post that novel instead? Because that book is going to be written by a man much different from myself. Remember, I’m living in 2020, after the Old World has fallen away. I have the luxury of objectivity--whereas the novel I wrote in my thirties was written under a cloud of a coming war. From my point of view, I can separate the real from the imagined.

Perhaps I should start earlier than 2004. 2001 is a better starting point. I told you this was going to get messy. Let's begin with September 11. The reason I started thinking about The End.

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