The American Book of the Dead: 06.04

Monday, June 7


The year is 2020. Think of this journal as a warning. Call it a novel, if you like. It can be comforting to believe that this story is only the result of imagination. It seems trivial, almost, to use a literary medium to describe the end of the world, like using a billboard to tell the news. What can I tell you, humans are limited. We only have eyes and ears. Information can only be read or heard. Being that I’m a writer, I chose my medium. For better or worse, people trust what they see in front of them. So maybe they’ll believe what I have to tell them.

Better yet, think of this as a letter from the future. You don’t believe that’s possible? Lesson one in how limited human perception can be. You talk about "junk" DNA and no one laughs at scientists. Esoteric subjects are derided. UFOs, the supernatural, ESP, etc. Anything that was once considered bad science turned out to be the only science. I was never one to believe in conspiracy theories. I do, however, believe in an unconscious conspiracy--that is, scientists suppressed certain information privately, and perhaps even without intention, because certain ideas would make their life’s work seem like bullshit. Eventually, throughout the course of this letter from the future, everything will be revealed. Conspiracies, where we’re headed, the truth behind bad science, and the rest.

I have witnessed the worst kind of destruction imaginable. Then again, I live in a world in which God has been proven. Is it a trade-off? No, because God could have been proven regardless, without a war. In the early 21st century, humanity still believed that death was a punishment. And so, war was a solution. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s a lot to talk about when trying to chronicle the destruction of the world and the beginning of another one. For those Christian readers, I’m not talking about 1000 years of peace. There was no rapture. Revelations only had it half right. But maybe I’m giving too much away. I’ve got to create a little drama or I’ll lose my audience. When I’m talking about a way to avoid the end of the world, I better find a way to hold my readers.

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